Innovation Tools

Curiozy's Treasure Chest
The tools below can be used separately as tools for innovation processes, as a preparation for a Boost for the Better, or for other kinds of innovation, change or collaboration projects. Besides these tools there are a lot of creativity and collaboration tools to be used in different kind of projects.

story writing

Write your future vision and examines what it means for you, your future job, your organisation and your training/education. 

future scenarios

Explore the future in different scenarios and examines what it means for you, your future job and for education.

challenge week

Find with a team in a short period of time a solution direction for a complex issue. In general within one week!

catalyst canvas

Define a common language and shared insight about future innovations with an interdisciplinary team.

city hunt

Wander through the city and collect a treasure chest full of questions instead of desired answers.

helping hand

Let your workshop profesionally design and facilitate to have effect and impact for your client or organisation.

time line

Where do you come from, where are you now, and where are you heading to? Explore your mission, vision and values.

study trip

Visit the country where innovation, world issues and urbanisation go hand-in-hand: the city-state Singapore.