The starting point

Welcome to the starting point of curiozy's website
This starting point is a roadmap to the several sections of the website. This websites is a source of inspiration about urban life: the interesting field of innovation where technology, foreseen world issues and urbanisation intertwine.



With passion for innovation in urban life,
curiozy likes to support you
with the design and facilitation of
special collaboration projects,
the so called ‘Boosts for the Better’. 

hans stavleu

Hans Stavleu, owner of curiozy is member of the Dutch Innovation Cabinet for Municipalities.
He has many years of (inter) national experience in innovation at higher education and in guiding
innovation processes for organisations. 


Daily post

Every day an article will be published. You can start with today’s post
("Smart Green Home", 13 May 2017). 

Upcoming post

This website’s
upcoming post
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will be published at
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You can find daily posts from all over the world with developments, trends and activities of urban life. 


All posts are tagged with categories of world issues or special subjects. Have a look at the different sections of posts. 

Cities & Regions

When you are interested in special cities or special regions, have a look at the Cities & Regions section and browse all over the world. 


Ever boggled your mind about urban innovations? The Street View Challenge will playfully boost your urban-life-creativity. Just give it a try. 


Curiozy has a treasure chest full of innovation tools. They are built on and developed with many years of experience in the field of innovation. 


On a regular basis special information related to the subject of this website will be highlighted. This month: ‘mobile website: the academy of value.’