Social Catalyst for a Youthful Perspective on Urban Life
Design and facilitation of innovation collaboration and of future exploration projects is the business of CURIOZY. Innovation about urban life with “Boosts for the Better” is CURIOZY’s special.


Per 1 December 2016 this website will be incorporated in the (mobile friendly) website “curiozy, the academy of value” . In its menu there will be a link (‘urban life’) to this website.

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CURIOZY’s Boosts for the Better

CURIOZY offers Boosts for the better: enthralling intercultural/interdisciplinary collaboration projects to create
educational, economic and societal value for a better world.

With Boosts for the Better a team translates parts of foreseen world issues to local, scalable, urban solutions.
In the 21st century we are facing complex challenges, world issues, which need new approaches to solve those complex world issues. We also need approaches in cooperation with education to get youthful perspectives. Interprofessional collaboration is key to give meaning and value to urban solutions, a boost to work for a better world.



Boosts for the better are always tailor-made, based on the desired effects, impact and profits that will suit your organisation. An important profit of a boost for a better world is to play an innovative role in your city, region or country.


In short

Mission & Strategy

Giving people the opportunity to collaborate on local innovative solutions for foreseen world issues. Sharing knowledge by means of interprofessional enthralling challenges.

Education Boost

Applied Sciences
International students
Classroom in the City
Meaning Challenges
Future Personas

Curriculum Innovation
New comfort zones

Business Boost

Tomorrow in the City
Value Challenges
Future Scenarios

Solution based innovation
Business opportunities

Society Boost

World in the City
Canvas Challenges
Future Stories

Sustainable innovation
Social impact


Some testimonials about Boosts for the Better


“We started on this challenge with just questions, and we managed to come up with solutions that tackle the issue on multiple fronts in the end of just five days. Imagine what we can do in a few months or even a year.”


“The experience made is beyond words I can say! For those who wants some adventure with mind boggling challenges it is definitely the best choice!”


“For me, the exchange was a memorable and enjoyable experience. We approached the challenge as clueless individuals and concluded our findings as a bonded and harmonious group.”

Different way

“It shows how Dutch and Singaporean creativity combined can generate an interesting outcome. It also gives us a chance to approach and look into topics in a different way, through the eyes of a new generation. As an Embassy we encourage the collaboration between young Dutch and Asian students, creating possibilities for the future.”



There is more to tell

Starting Point

When you are visiting CURIOZY’s website for the first time then have a look at The Starting Point to get information about what this website is all about. 

Hans Stavleu

Hans Stavleu, owner of CURIOZY, is also member of the Dutch Innovation Cabinet for Municipalities.
He has many years of (inter) national experience in innovation collaboration.


Curiozy has a treasure chest full of innovation tools. They are built on and developed with many years of experience in the field of innovation. 

Mango Group

CURIOZY is also connected to the Mango Group, a network of experts aiming on the team development of competencies and acting in the 21st century.


Of course, there is more. CURIOZY works with people of your organisation. Interprofessional!